About Us

Hi,  I’m Joanne

Please Note: We are not planning to have any litters at this time.

Blue Opal Labradoodles is a small business which I have established in our home.

My husband and I have lived in the center of northern Maryland for over 35 years. We had always longed for a family dog; but because of my allergies and asthma it was difficult for us to adopt an ordinary dog. After much research we discovered that an Australian Labradoodle is definitely not an ordinary dog. This breed is perfect for us and it may be for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone, who wants a dog…could enjoy the companionship… without the allergic reactions and shedding?  They would be able to smile each day when being greeted at the door; be able to enjoy a snuggle on the sofa and experience a walk through town as only a dog-owner can. We have found Australian Labradoodles do not irritate my allergies and are naturally therapeutic and loving,

About Blue OpalWe know that everyone wants their carefully thought-out purchase to be a totally positive experience.  Just as every dog-owner dreams of having a healthy, happy, emotionally secure dog.  We all want our canine family member to be content to rest at our feet when we are tired, but also perk right-up to play chase with the flip of a toy.

  If you are looking for a reliable companion –  one that is mainly interested in pleasing, playing and just plain BEING with you, consider one of our Blue Opal Australian Labradoodles.

Australian Labradoodles have been carefully bred. They comes from a long line of  parents which have been selected to maximize their health, their outstanding personalities and their non-shedding, and allergy-friendly coats. Blue Opal Labradoodles are the result of the pure love with which we have birthed, raised and trained them.

When my husband is not at his full time job, Steve is helping with the care, feeding, and loving that makes our puppies so special.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother and retired pediatric occupational therapist. I have experience with breeding dogs, raising children and, helping individuals and families who have members with disabilities.

It is our goal to assist you in knowing the sheer joy and companionship of our Blue Opal Australian Labradoodles. I am entirely delighted that at this time in my life, I am able to combine my love for people with my love of dogs. My medical background, family therapy experiences and natural instincts enable me to breed responsibly and assist you in the process of adding a Labradoodle to your life.

We are driven to raise the very best puppies.  Since we know they will be people-oriented and very smart, we also strive to place them in homes where they will continue to have plenty of interaction with people and training.

As breeders we are raising one litter at a time. This allows us to derive full satisfaction from the care we give each puppy, and from the collaboration we will have with you.  I hope that this website fully conveys our commitment to our puppies and to your satisfaction.



This is Our Girl

This is the girl that started it all for us.