Sorry That We Are Not Accepting Applications At This Time. We are not planning to have any litters at this time.

Blue Opal Australian Labradoodles Screening Application for Puppy Ownership
Please copy and paste these questions onto an e-mail for us; or write to me for a copy.  Thank you for your interest in our special puppies.

Today’s Date:


1) Which Litter is of interest to you?

2)  Have we spoken about your request by phone?

3)  How did you hear about us?

Your Name:
Phone you prefer:
Your e-mail or text number:

4) Number of adults in your home:
5) Who will be the principal caregiver of this puppy?      Will this be the first dog you have had?           First puppy that you, personally have raised?

6) What is the work schedule of caregiving adults?


  How many days of the week would your dog be left alone?       Approximately how many hours each day would the dog typically be alone?

If you anticipate taking your puppy to work with you, how often? What type of environment?

7) Ages of the children in your home:

8) Other pets in your home: (include the kind of pets and ages)

9)  Does someone in your family suffer from dog related allergies? Describe severity:

-All puppies require close supervision, and on-going socialization, and training. It is normal for puppies to explore, chew, and eat non-edible objects.

10)  What type of indoor space do you have planned for puppy play when you are home?                For when you are away from home?                             For your puppy at night?    What type of outdoor space will you provide?      Are there specific activities in which you want your dog to participate?

11) What type of puppy socialization will you provide ?   How Often?

12) Where will you take your puppy for formal training?

Labradoodles have been bred to be companions. In order for them to do well physically, and emotionally, it is necessary for them to receive sufficient human attention.

13)Are you able to commit to providing daily play and exercise times? ______
14) Are you able to commit to attending professional obedience training classes and spending the time needed to properly train your puppy? _________
15)Are you familiar with how to properly socialize a puppy of 9-18 months of age? —
16)Are you able to providing regular veterinary care and a healthy diet for the life of your dog? _______

17)  Please confirm that you have read and agree with the purchase agreement on Blue Opal’s website. As explained, we Do Not Reserve Puppies based solely on your preferred color or gender.  Our matching of puppies to families is based first an foremost on the puppy’s personality and temperament, and it’s fit with  your family’s allergy concerns, individual family needs and activity level.  _________Yes

18) Please bear in  mind that this matching can not be done until the puppy reaches 7 1/2 to 8 weeks of age.__________Yes

19)  We do our best to take your personal preferences into consideration. Please indicate your preferred:
—Sex: Male, Female, Either?
—Activity Level?
20) Is there other information we should keep in mind?

Please return your  application to us at

Thank You, Joanne