Thank you for considering Blue Opal Australian Labradoodles. Sadly, we currently do not have puppies available.

Please check back at the end of the Summer for an Update on our Planned Litters.

When we have a Planned-Litter posted, if you wish to apply for a reservation, please complete our Screening Application. We do not require deposits with the initial  Screening Application  however, please read our purchase agreement (listed separately) before sending your application to

Past Litters: For pictures of our growing puppies and our Breeding Girls -with their families- see our Facebook Page Linked here


July 2019

Our Health Testing

All of the dogs (male and female) who are used in our program have passed rigorous DNA and health testing which meets or surpasses ALAA standards.

OFA x-Ray Exam of •Hips, •Elbows, and  •Knees.

OFA Certified Exam of •Thyroid, and •Cardiac Functioning

•PRA and •vW Clear with normal eye exams.

•DNA Profiling and •Breed Specific Genetic Testing

More Pictures

Blue Opal’s Clare

Clare is our small-medium girl from Blue Opal’s Gia and Avonlee Orion’s 2015 litter. Her coat is a soft wavy fleece and she is the perfect  combination of joy and love. Clare is 18” tall at her shoulders  and weighs 22 lbs. she birthed our upcoming Mom, Emmy.

Nestlewood’s Romeo

Nestlewood’s Romeo is as loving as his name would suggest! He is a mini at 16” tall and 15 lbs. He sired our upcoming Girl Emmy.


Spring 2019 litter

Mallory x Kismet
Spring 2019


 If  we have a litter available above and you would like to inquiry please fill in an Application.

Blue Opal’s Mollymook Puppies Born September 28th.


Blue Opal’s Molly

Mom: Blue Opal’s Molly has a wavy soft Apricot coat that is perfect for hugging and snuggling.

She is Sydney’s daughter; Addie’s Grandaughter; and has been with us since her birth. Even as a young puppy, Molly was so, so sweet; a true LoveBug.   We could not give her up and she became, not only our family pet, but CHIEF NANNY to all our Blue Opal Puppies that followed. Molly’s height is 22 inches at the shoulder; her weight 38-40 lb.

Molly’s 2018 Sire: Royal Flush “Jack”





Check Facebook, and Instagram for our 2018’s puppies and their families




Penny (ALAA#055048)  is a true medium-sized multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  She is from our Sydney.  Her wavy fleece coat is a red-tinted Apricot; her liver-colored nose is trimmed in black . She is affectionate, loves the outdoors and cuddling with her guardian family who live in Columbia MD.    Penny is 30 lbs and measures 17 inches at her front shoulders.

Thank you to Ivy Lane Labradoodles for allowing Laguna Beach (ALAA#021466) to sire this litter for us.   Laguna weighs 24 lb. and is 15 inches at his shoulders.    grow to be 25-30 lb. This pairing combined playful energy and soulful companionship and packs them into  a medium size.






If you would like to RESERVE a puppy from Blue Opal, please check back for Planned-Litters and read our Purchase Agreement. 

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Guardians-Our Breeding Girls

When we pick a puppy from our litters to be future Blue Opal Moms we place them in Guardian Homes.  These puppies go to their permanent Guardian Families at 9 weeks of age and are lifelong family pets.     Full details and rewards of participation in our Guardian Program are described here:  our Guardian Program


 Blue Opalphoto (2)



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 We breed Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles.  We are proud to comply with all ALAA guidelines and have earned their Silver and Gold Status

If you would like to RESERVE a puppy from one of our litters, please read over our Purchase Agreement.   No deposit is due with a screening application. Tap  Screening Application or write to me for a blank copy via e-mail