Please Note we Are Not Accepting Application  at This Time.  

Our pick of the litter puppies become “Fantastic Moms”— by living with individual families who nurture their spirits and love them as lifelong pets.   

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Two of Our Upcoming Girls Caught in a Quiet Moment

  Alice (aka:Gia) and Sydney (right) live near Columbia, MD. Their individual Guardian Families provide them with a variety of experiences and shower them with love.

  • If you live within a 60 minute-drive of Hunt Valley, Maryland,

    If you are at home most days and can provide a safe, loving environment,

    If you agree with our guidelines regarding care, nutrition and safety precautions, and

    If you want to contribute to our breeding the best Australian Labradoodles, this  fantastic option may be for you.

  • INITIAL COST and OWNERSHIP of a Guardian Puppy:   There is an initial refundable deposit of $1,500.00 (one half the cost of our pet puppies). This deposit will be returned to you in full when our dog has finished her breeding career.

  • (Females are typically bred 3 to 4 times and are retired when they are approximately 4-6 years of age.  All decisions regarding breeding are made by Blue Opal in consultation with a qualified Veterinarian who is registered and license in the area of Canine Reproduction.) 

    • Our puppy live with you as your permanent pet, however Blue Opal retains her full ownership while she is part of our program. She would visit us for approximately 6-8 weeks to give birth and raise her puppies.  Her ownership will be transferred to you when she is retired from our program.

    • In some cases we may decide not to bred the dog you have. In that situation, your deposit of $1,500.00 will become your full payment for ownership; and after she is spayed, her ownership will be transferred to you. (Breeding decisions are made by Blue Opal and are dependent on a variety of factors).

    • Blue Opal will take care of all expenses which are for breeding purposes: extensive health testing, breeding, whelping and raising the puppies, etc.   Puppies will be delivered and raised in our home at Blue Opal.

    • You agree to take care of the daily duties and all expenses related to having a pet.  This includes routine vet visits, recommended vaccinations, high quality food and obedience training, etc.

    • You and I will collaborate with regard to transportation of our dog for testing and delivery of pups; you and your family will be welcome to visit mom and her pups during their stay at our house.

    • Please Note: We are not planning to have any litters at this time.

      Image-1Pillow Gia