photo 1 (2)Sorry, we have suspended breeding as of 2021 and have no dogs available.

Previous Pricing:    The price of a Blue Opal Australian Labradoodle is $3,000. plus MD (6%) tax. 

This price includes: 

  • A carefully bred puppy born from fully-health tested ancestors

  • It was given excellent pre-natal care.

  • It has been given tons of love and has been part of our family since birth.

  • Your puppy has been engaging in our early sensory  stimulation and formal training program.   He/she began potty training at three weeks and crate training several weeks before going home.

  • You will receive a certification of good health from an independently licensed Veterinarian.

  • Health Vet Record:

  • Age-appropriate vaccination,  De-worming 

  • Microchip identification inserted and registered

  • Our two-year health warranty 

  • 4-generational Australian Labradoodle pedigree

  • Complimentary Starter Kit: a bag of current Kibble, a Lupine collar and leash; a soft- harness for car travel, and toys from their play area which carry the scent from your puppy’s mother and siblings.

  • Puppy will be registered with Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

  • You will receive Up-Dates every 10-14 days with pictures and details of our early  training activities and the puppies’ on-going development.

  • We will begin crate training in your own crate if you prefer.

  • On-going Support: Joanne is available via phone or e-mail to collaborate with you before and after you receive your puppy– as questions arise.

How you can get started

  • Tap here and copy our Screening Application or write to me for a copy via e-mail from us

  • Complete and return the application: We will confirm our acceptance of your application, however no deposit is required at this time.

  • Initial Deposit: When our Mom has a confirmed pregnancy and a litter “Arrival-Date”,  a $500 deposit will hold your place on the Owner List for one of our Blue Opal Australian Labradoodle Puppies. 

  • You will receive regular updates, describing the stages of your puppy’s development throughout the pregnancy.    ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


  • 1)  Your initial deposit of $500 is due when we agree that you want to reserve a puppy from a confirmed pregnancy.  The full amount will  be applied toward  the total cost of $3000 (plus tax). 

  • Places are reserved on the Owners’ list, only after an initial deposit is  received. Deposits are non-refundable, however if for some reason after the puppies arrive, if we are unable to meet your preferences, you will have the opportunity to apply your deposit to a puppy in our next litter.
  • 2) First Partial payment of $1,250.00 is due when the puppies are born.    This payment  will continue to secure your application for a puppy from this litter.

  • Based on your individual preferences and needs, at 7 12 to 8 week of age (after formal temperament testing and matching) your puppy will be allotted to your family. Starting in the order that the deposits were received, I will contact you regarding which puppy we have selected for you. 
  • 3) Final payment of $1,250 + $180 tax is due one week before the puppies go home, after we have discussed which puppy was matched to your family at 7 1/2  weeks of age.

  • Your Puppy will be ready to go  home with you at 8 1/2 to 9 weeks of age.  If you have purchased additional supplies you may pay for them on puppy-pick-up day, if you prefer.

  • Thank you for your consideration.